A Boy and His Toys

Summer means one thing for me, saving money! Believe it or not, it is only in summer that I get to save an astounding amount of money. This is the time that I do my lawn mowing, pressure blasting the garage door, the walls of the house and other surfaces with my gas pressure washer. I also love taking all the outdoor furniture out, dusting it out and washing the metallic ones with my pressure washer. I am a very handy man and so I also do most of my home improvement jobs. I think my home is very personal to me and despite hiring professional handymen from time to time, I still feel that unless I do it, my home really lacks that personal touch. So, I set out to do as much of my home improvement as I can.


They say that inside every man is a little boy always fighting to get out and I could not agree more for I believe it is true. I love my grown-up toys (☹ no, not what you are thinking…) my power tools, gardening tools, hand tools, bikes, car and truck. Over the years, I have been collecting a tool here and there, and by now, my home workshop is almost full with different types of saws, spray painters, a pressure washer, lawn mowers, brad nailers … you name it. I do love my toys that even during winter, I always look for something to do just so I can clean them.


With my old electric pressure washer having given up the ghost on me, I am on the hunt for another one. However, this time around I have decided a gas powered one.  Why choose this over an electric model? Because it is better for movement. With no cord restrictions and stuff, I know I can do a lot of blast-cleaning at home, and I can hardly wait for the time.


I think everyone should have a gas powered pressure washer at home. This tool comes so handy for different purposes, but most importantly is that you can power-blast all the grease, grime and dirt away. You will also want to blast the driveway from time to time because motor oil is notorious for staining your beautiful driveway. When rainwater has washed over your paving blocks that line the garden paths, you will need to blast the red soil away from the blocks. The best tool for such jobs is pressure washer.


If you are like me, you do not want to buy your pressure washer blindly. That is why I read a few reviews on https://bestpressurewasher.reviews/top-rated-commercial-power/ before buying so I can know I am getting the best value for money. The search for the best tool starts by looking at what other users are recommending. I find user reviews for tools better than professional reviews because users are unbiased. If they did not like the tool, that is that – they will tell it as it is.


In my research, here are the two gas pressure washers that I found to be a good investment:


Simpson MSH3125-S

Simpson MSH3125-S

I should tell you that this is one of the most powerful gas pressure washers that we have available in the market. Simpson pressure washers are powered by Honda engines and we all love a Honda engine, actually the most affordable and most reliable engine in the world, under the hood. I love that I can use this pressure washer for just about anything, light as well as medium and heavy-duty pressure washing jobs. I know it’s a commercial pressure washer, but I love it all the same.



Powerful motor that can give 3000 psi without blinking

Warranty provided on different parts

Big fuel tank keeps you going longer

Large wheels for good ground clearance and movement



Does not come with a detergent bottle


Generac 6922

Generac 6922

With a pump that has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, a powerful motor that can do a wonderful 2800 psi of pressure, well, this is the perfect pressure washer that you need for all of your home cleaning needs. It comes highly recommended on bestpressurewasher.reviews. It is easy to move around too.



Long warranty of 2 years

Comfortable and easy to use pressure hose

Small size leaves a smaller footprint

Generates high pressure for blasting dirt away

Comes with a detergent container



A bit loud

Replacement Needed ASAP!

Taking right after my dear old mom, I became a health freak in the true meaning of the word freak. I mean, if one of my kids as much as drools in his sleep, I will be off with several remedies all at once, something that I just cannot avoid. So every time, I am calling my wife at work to remind her to drink her water, wear something warm when it is cold and so on and so forth. Many are the times she told me to stop bothering her, and then she just stopped and flowed along with it. Today, at home, I am the health master!


And I do love a good smoothie too, something that my wife thanks me for since I have always made sure that our kids “drink” their veggies… well, you know how kids and vegetables are, never to fall for each other? That is why having a blender in the kitchen is very important to me. I believe it is one of the things you’ll need as a parent if you would like to see the number of trips you make to the doctor reduce.


Everyday can be a smoothie day as long as I have the time to put a few ingredients together. I dare say this has been good for me too because at 45 years of age, an age where most of my mates have swollen up with fat deposits going to very unsightly places on their body, I have still maintained a Barack Obama shape. I think the smoothies have helped me a great deal in that regard.


Having used a smoothie blender many years, I know virtually anything there is to know about one. I know when it is moody and cranky, and I know when it needs some rest. You see, blenders are like people, they have feelings. Think I am going too far waxing all lyrical about an appliance? Then you do not have a relationship with your blender like I do.


Think about it, a way to feed your body with all the nutrients that you want. Who likes eating vegetables anyway? With a blender at home, you can make all the smoothies that you want. I can tell you for free that I have seen the number of times we go to see our family physician have reduced considerably. That is what happens when you pack your body with nutrients to empower the immune system.  


So when my old Vitamix Professional Blender gave up the ghost on me, I knew I had to go on a hunt for a new one. I just cannot live without a blender for a couple of days. So I was out looking for the best and I found some well-known brand names, and some that are not so well known. When it comes to appliances, I love to first read reviews. This often leads me from one item to another and you can see this page to know what I mean.


So after my search for the best blender, I finally ended up with these two, as you will see in the reviews below:


Blendtec Designer Blender

Blendtec Designer

While I have a bias for the Vitamix, I really decided that for the last 8 years, mine had done a good job and it was time to try a new one altogether. I went for the Blendtec, an expensive affair but one that has many features to boot. I have been using this one to mix some serious ingredients and my family has been enjoying my smoothies.



Fits very well under kitchen counters because its small

Long warranty of 7 years

Comes with a high-quality blending jar

Blends even the toughest ingredients

Mixes stuff at high speed



It is costly


Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional

Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful affair but what I love most about it is that it is not going to set you back a pretty penny. You can use it to blend some nasty-tough ingredients and crush ice without worrying about its lifespan. It will last a long time. It also comes with nutri ninja cups, such a nice deal for everyone.



Uses a blade technology that draws food material downwards

Powerful motor to blend and process just about anything

Very affordable

Crushes ice fast to freeze drinks

Easy to use, clean and maintain

Comes with 2 16 oz cups for serving



Blade takes lots of room

A bit noisy

When it comes to some things, I agree my wife knows best. For example, I know nothing about beds and linen. But my wife refers to sites like https://www.wifeknows.com/best-twin-mattress-for-kids/ for information. When it comes to blenders and smoothies, I am the king of the arena.