Food for Building

Bodybuilding cannot be achieved without a good diet plan. This is what my trainer told me a few years ago. I took it to heart and today, my body is enough evidence that this works. If you want to build up your muscles fast, no matter how hard you work out, without the proper food, all your efforts will be futile. Your body needs to have enough calories to build and maintain the muscles created.


The first thing to check even before you hit the gym if you want to build your muscles is your diet. Some food options are very good for people trying to build up their muscles, I have relied on them and they have never let me down. The results are amazing.


Some of them include the following:


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and nuts

Peanut butter is packed with macronutrients such as proteins, carbs and dietary fats, which are all needed for by your body to build and maintain muscles. Consider adding peanut butter in anything from smoothies, fruits, sauces or eating a few spoonfuls of the same every day.  




Tuna fish has an array of health benefits one of them being stimulating growth and development. It is also great in keeping the protein levels in your body at their ideal levels. If you lack access to fresh tuna or it is a bit pricey for you, canned tuna is also a good option as it’s cheaper. Take canned tuna as a snack but ensure that you only take two cans in a day.


Dry Oatmeal

Dry Oatmeal

This is a great, common and affordable food for bodybuilding. Oats are rich in carbohydrates, great for maintaining proper energy levels in the body. In addition, oatmeal contains proteins in low amounts. For muscle building, raw oats are better than a hot meal. Taking them for breakfast or some hours before working out will keep you energized and you will not feel fatigued quickly.


Whole Milk


There is a misconception that taking whole milk is not good since it contains saturated fat. Taking in some saturated fat is essential because it helps in maintaining high levels of your testosterone hormone. This hormone influences muscle growth and energy production in the body. Whole milk is packed with calories and proteins, so it is a great source of energy.




Quinoa is a great addition to every bodybuilder’s diet. It is very rich in protein and slow digesting carbohydrates. These will help you help you with the calories you require for muscle build up and also help you recover completely after a workout session.




Salmon is another food that you need to eat if you want to build up your muscles more easily. Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3 fats. It has more calories than other fish such as tilapia and bass.




Avocados are rich in vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin and for improving your immunity. They also contain unsaturated fat. Add some to your smoothies, in green salads or in sandwiches.




Bananas are important fruits for bodybuilding. They contain natural sugars that boost your insulin after a workout session and a considerable level of starch carbohydrates. The starch is digested a bit slowly which helps in maintain energy for a longer time.

Good Ways to Start a Day

A good day is known in the morning, so my mom used to say. She would say that if you start the day right, most probably, it’s gonna go right. This is just why I love starting my mornings with a smoothie and a long walk to get the blood pumping. I recently started adding more protein to my smoothies and I really enjoy the noticeable benefits. One of the greatest benefits I have derived from this is managing my weight.

I have shed off some unnecessary pounds and I now maintain a healthy weight. I feel better and more confident with my body. I specifically like adding almonds, peanut butter, coconut water and an array of fruits in my smoothies. Adding protein to your morning smoothies can make your morning walk much better and help you start your day on the right footing. There are other benefits of adding a protein smoothie in your diet; they include the following.

Great for weight loss

When you take a protein smoothie, you will feel fuller for longer. You will be able to avoid too much snacking, which can help you shed off some pounds. Whey protein powder is best for weight loss and management since it releases proteins slowly making you feel fuller for longer and at the same time preventing you from losing lean muscle.

Totally packed with nutrients

Taking a protein smoothie is a great way of adding more nutrients to your body. Remember that the nutritional value of the smoothie will be increased since a variety of fruits and green vegetables such as spinach will feature in the smoothie. Apart from taking in proteins, you will also be taking in vitamins and essential healthy fats.

Glasses of green smoothies

Some protein smoothie for everyone

There are so many protein-based smoothies to fit various tastes and preferences. Just go online and look for protein smoothie recipes and you will definitely find one that suits your taste.

Smoothies are so easy to pull off

Protein smoothies are very quick to prepare and one will not affect your busy schedule. You can prepare them in the morning in less than five minutes, pack in a container and enjoy it on your way to work.

Inexpensive and freezer friendly ingredients

All the ingredients you need for a protein smoothie are readily available, inexpensive and are probably already in your freezer. For instance, kales, spinach, pineapples, mangoes, berries, vanilla milk, protein powder, yoghurt among others are readily available ingredients for your protein smoothie.

Good for people who don’t take breakfast

Couple preparing smoothies

If taking something solid very early in the morning is not your thing, sipping a smoothie rich in protein will be a good way to start the morning. Blending some cold green tea with vanilla protein powder, some honey, fruit and grapes is a healthy way to start your day.

Great for the in-between meals snacks

Instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack when hunger creeps in before lunch or dinner, take a protein smoothie instead. It will satisfy your hunger and suppress your cravings for unhealthy foods. You can be going to work or traveling with a compact blender, a pack of protein powder, a fruit or/and some milk.

Repairing muscles after a workout

People holding hand exerciser

After a workout, your muscles require the necessary nutrients to repair themselves. Whey protein powders are able to release proteins much faster in your body after a workout giving your muscles the much-needed strength to repair themselves.